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FanMailPlus Email Settings

LOGIN ( Help Video )

To use FanMailPlus webmail, just log in at with your email address and FanMailPlus password and you are good to go. Themed FanMailPlus webmail is also available at mail.yourFanMailPlusDomain. So if your FanMailPlus address is, you can access webmail at

If you have FanMailPlus Email Forwarding enabled, all your email is sent to your forwarding email address and you should use the settings for that account to read your email.

You can also read your FanMailPlus email with any Internet Email program that supports IMAP (the standard email storage system). Use the settings below to access and send email using FanMail's email servers:

To read your email with your phone, tablet or desktop email app.
Your Outgoing/Sending Settings.
Click HERE if the above does not work for your iPhone.
Click HERE for specific Windows Live Mail settings.
Click HERE for specific Thunderbird/Icedove settings.